The Privacy, Terms of Use and Cookie Policy of Neurite Digital (operating under Leda Danışmanlık Reklam Hiz. San. Tic. Paz. A.Ş. referred to as “Leda”) are explained below. Since each Leda website and application has different purposes and features, the information below may vary for each website and application. In the relevant texts, the web and mobile web page of will be referred to as the "Site".

If you use Leda websites and applications, cookies and similar technologies can be used within the scope of Leda Cookie Policy, they can be saved on your device and your personal data can be processed in accordance with the purposes and methods specified below and in the Leda Privacy Policy.



Cookies are small text files containing small data. Cookies are stored in your browser or on the hard disk of your computer/mobile device. Cookies cover the pages you visit, the services you review, and the options you choose. The main purposes of our use of cookies are as follows;

• Increasing site functionality and performance
• To improve and facilitate the services offered to you
• Providing you with a personalized browsing experience
• To ensure the legal and commercial security of you and our company
• To prevent fraudulent transactions on the site

Types of Cookies

We Use Mandatory Cookies: These are the cookies that are necessary for the site to work properly and for the system to be managed without errors. Creating user accounts and allowing users to log in are necessary to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Functionality (Function) Cookies: These cookies protect your preference settings and provide you with a more personalized user experience by remembering information about your previous choices (language, location, username, etc.).

Targeting (Advertising) Cookies: Targeting cookies are used to remember the pages you visit, to identify more efficient advertising channels and to offer you personalized content. They ensure that the ads displayed on the site are served according to your interests.

Temporary Cookies: Temporary Cookies allow users to be remembered on a website so that the user's page changes are noticed. These cookies are collected in temporary memory, do not collect data from the user's device and are not stored after the browser is closed.

Analytical Cookies: These cookies, which store information anonymously, contain data that allows us to see the traffic on the site and provide services suitable for this traffic. Session Authentication Cookies: These cookies store session login information in the user's browser after a successful user login.

Cookie Settings
If you do not prefer the use of cookies, you can reject all cookies or certain cookies by editing Cookies in your browser's settings. We would like to remind you that if you do not accept cookies, you will not be able to access some features on our website and our website cannot be customized according to your preference and experience. The Cookie Policy is subject to change due to changes in legislation. We recommend that you visit this page regularly to ensure you are keeping up with the changes. You can send us all your requests and opinions about the Cookie Policy by sending an e-mail to Leda uses cookies within the scope of its Privacy Policy and reserves the right to change the terms of use regarding cookies and the Cookie Policy.